The Port of Ploce is a port of international economic importance for the Republic of Croatia, which, in addition to the port basin in Ploče, also extends to the basin of the Metkovic river port. It is the second-largest Croatian port in terms of annual cargo volumes.

In the Port of Ploce, a need was detected for message exchange in order to have quality information allowing the smooth running of logistic chain processes. The final objective was to improve the port’s competitiveness through smooth and quick movement of the cargo, and the view was to upgrade the PCS technology in order to develop a central control management system based on a single-window concept, being able to share and capture data to better analyze its flows in the Port of Ploce area. A parallel intention was also to achieve integration with other systems so that data can be collected automatically from them. All the data integrating the different systems were aligned. In detail, this action concerned: ship arrivals and departures, coverage by National Maritime system, Liquid bulk cargo system, General and dry bulk cargo system, Containers handling, Railway operators’ system, Customs and Gate in/out procedures.

Thanks to ADRIPASS, the project procedures and processes within the new entrance terminal (that includes the extension of the expressway to the port thus connecting the port to the “A1” Motorway) will improve traffic flows and optimize business processes to the satisfaction of all port users and members of the port community.

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