In May 2022, the car terminal at the port of Koper, the only port in Slovenia, was still operating exclusively with paper documents that were transferred from the reception office to customs officers and freight forwarders. At the same time, there was no strict control over the Vehicle Booking System (VBS) which could occasionally lead to quite insufficient data.

Thanks to the main results already obtained through the AdriPass Project, the Port Authority has developed a Pilot Action within the AdriPass Plus Project. It aims to avoid all the unnecessary paperwork, increase the digitization of operations and provide more accurate booking data at the car terminal of the port of Koper.

The VBS system has upgraded the mobile use of the application, increasing the operative solutions and allowing users to operate within the VBS platform where a data transfer is available (Wi-Fi, mobile data, etc.).

The implementations have been integrated with the Port Community System.

In operational terms, the pilot action can be described as follows. At the car terminals’ reception office, a booking overview is enabled for drivers. In case of any incorrect information, forwarder or haulier now have an option to correct or improve them even when driver has already entered the port. Instead of paper documents, brought by driver, all information regarding the unloading or loading vehicles are transferred to handheld terminal directly from VBS system. When loading vehicles, driver can make another check before confirming pick up on Handheld terminal with his signature. All vehicle loading information are later, at drivers exit, transferred to new application for customs office.