On January 20th, he Kick-off Meeting of the project ADRIPASS PLUS (Integrating multimodal connections in the Adriatic-Ionian region PLUS) was held online!

Building on the positive results achieved in the ADRIPASS project and taking into account the importance of capitalization and further development of sustainable solutions to improve multimodal freight transport in the region, the focus of ADRIPASS PLUS will be on:
a) updating the ADRIPASS transnational strategy, ensuring its resilience to COVID-19 and the consequences of the economic crisis;
b) capitalizing and improving the already developed ICT platforms (Port Community Systems and similar ICT Applications) as a powerful and cost-effective tool to support the dematerialization of port processes, improving the efficiency of ports with positive and concrete impacts in the efficiency of the sea-land connection;
c) further disseminating project results at regional, national and transnational level, raising awareness of solutions developed under European Territorial Cooperation projects among transport stakeholders, regional and national authorities.

During the kick off meeting, partners met online and shared future activities and deadlines, more information on ADRIPASS PLUS activities will follow soon: stay tuned!