The Port of Ploče is a port of international economic importance for the Republic of Croatia, which, in addition to the port basin in Ploče, extends also to the basin of the Metkovic river port. It is the second-largest Croatian port in terms of annual cargo volumes. Within ADRIPASS the Port of Ploče implements a pilot action for the upgrade of its Port Community Systems, thus allowing upgrading of communication interface and modules regarding services that are carried out on the Corridor in Bosnia and Hercegovina which was recently proclaimed as a part of TEN-T Core Network.

Recently, the Port of Ploče has signed the contract for the Port Community System (PCS) upgrade.  Thanks to ADRIPASS project procedures and processes within new entrance terminal (that includes the extension of the expressway to the port thus connecting the port to the “A1” Motorway) will be included in delivery of services for upgrade of PCS system which will improve traffic flows and optimize business processes to the satisfaction of all port users and members of the port community.