The Port of Koper is managed by the company Luka Koper and it is the only commercial port of Slovenia and a core node in two EU TEN-T Corridors: Mediterranean and Baltic Adriatic. Within ADRIPASS the Port of Koper coordinates the activities of the participating ports in the implementation of their pilot actions and pre-investment studies focused on the developing or upgrading of their Port Community Systems. In addition to that, the Port of Koper had identified several solutions to improve freight connections between the port and its hinterland, focusing on the development of the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems in ports and in the logistics’ areas.

Luka Koper developed three different ICT Systems that enable the achievement of modern trends in the field of the logistics chain:

  • The hybrid system ACAR allows the registration and the booking of the arrivals/departures of trucks transporting cars in/from the port of Koper. Furthermore, this system provides an online connection of the terminals with the central database of the new system and the optimization of fieldwork processes and support services.
  • The Vehicle Booking System (VBS) is an online platform that allows checking the cargo status and scheduling plans. Besides several system peculiarities, it is possible to record truck entries in the port, review the validity of annual permits for port access, and edit data for booking truck appointments in the Port of Koper.
  • The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems are specific tools for the registration of containers entering/leaving the port. EDI systems are designed to support information processes for the storage and management of empty containers and are deeply linked with other specific systems in the port, from the PCS, through TinO, VBS, Billing system etc..

From the very beginning, the port of Koper included its stakeholders in the creation of the new tools and systems, providing them with some new functionalities which allowed them to have major control over the flow of goods and efficient data exchange.